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What we offer

Fiduciary education. The members of your board volunteer to help further a cause important to them. Often, the members have little experience in managing an investment portfolio of this magnitude and on behalf of others. Our advisors can help provide education and insight on the intricacies of your organization’s portfolio, oversight responsibilities as a board member as well as insight on what peers in the nonprofit sector are doing. Also available are educational materials as well as stewardship workshops. Education also applies to donors. We are available to support fundraising contributions, including answering donor questions, such as ultimate use of their contributions and portfolio management.

Fiduciary responsibility consulting. Board members have a fiduciary duty to manage your organization’s portfolio in the best interest of its beneficiaries. Our team helps you build and manage a robust governance process which ensures you are meeting your fiduciary duties as defined by state law, primarily focusing on duties of care, loyalty and obedience.

Portfolio construction and monitoring. Our team can guide you on constructing a portfolio designed to meet the objectives of the organization, including environmental, governmental and social criteria as desired. Regardless of where the portfolio is invested we provide ongoing oversight to ensure your investment management, investment policy statement and financial plan are in alignment. Engagements can include performance reporting and benchmarking analytics.

Request for proposal process management. The investment advisor RFP process can be overwhelming. Our team provides guidance from start to finish enabling you to make an informed decision. This includes developing suitable questions for the RFP, corresponding as needed with candidates, compiling responses and evaluating results to simplify the decision making process.


Scott is a CFA Charterholder and is a member of the CFA Institute. Before joining Hayashi Wayland, Scott was with CNA Financial for nine years as an underwriter in the Corporate Governance Department. He performed fundamental analysis for Fortune 500 companies assessing the business model, financial stability and how management’s decisions affect shareholder value. Now, he focuses on high-level planning and investment services, working with savvy investors who like to dig into the details, as well as clients who simply ask that he keep them financially on track through retirement.

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