Our Model

Collaboration between accountants, financial planners and attorneys is essential when developing a financial plan as matters can be complex. They could involve coordinating trusts and estates with multiple investment accounts, multiple entities and foreign affairs, all while navigating through complicated family dynamics. Understanding the composition of an effective financial plan, Hayashi Wayland utilizes a financial planning model that integrates tax, trusts and estates, family office and investment services. Our sophisticated program aggregates all the financial aspects of one’s life, then calculates and accounts for a number of varying factors, such as expected growth rates of investment assets, major planned or unplanned life events, the purchase or sale of a business or home, gifting, etc. to forecast cash flow through retirement.

Financial Planning

  • Feel comfortable about retirement
  • Clear understanding of retirement needs
  • Financial preparedness for major life events
  • Identify and mitigate financial risks
  • Ensure spending aligns with financial goals
  • Plan management by someone acting in your best interest

Income Tax Planning

  • Maximize deductions, minimize taxes
  • Solutions for complex tax issues
  • Proactive business consulting
  • Optimize business cash flow
  • National resources in specialized areas
  • Be prepared to sell or pass on your business

Estate & Trust Planning

  • Protect your assets
  • Security of a relevant estate plan
  • Minimize the tax burden on your estate
  • Maximize benefits for beneficiaries
  • Preserve and transfer family wealth
  • Achieve charitable objectives

Family Office

  • Navigate complex family dynamics
  • Relief from day-to-day financial activities
  • Guidance through complex financial situations
  • Wealth preservation techniques
  • Cash flow management and advice
  • Management of trust assets

Questionnaire to Identify Your Needs