Our Investment Services

Some people compare financial plans to road maps -- they guide the way from Point A to B. If that's true, then our maps are multi-dimensional and time traveling. We can help you cover the road ahead, side roads, the past, present, future, and even generations to come. As the scenery and landscape change, we'll keep you on track.
Here are the ways we can help get you to your goals. Enjoy the ride.

Personal Investments

Are your investments appropriately diversified?  Do you know your risk tolerance?  How do you judge performance versus risk?  If you are unable to answer even one of these questions, you may be interested in our complimentary Second Opinion Service.  This service begins with a review of your current investment holdings.  Upon completion of our analysis, we give you our opinion on the diversification and risk of your investment portfolio.  We can also give you our opinion on whether your current investment portfolio is in line with your retirement goals and risk tolerance.

Personal Retirement

Most would agree that financial freedom defines a successful retirement.  The question is, how to become financially free?  A person’s financial freedom can come from a variety of sources (i.e. Social Security, personal savings, company retirement plans, inheritances, investments, etc.).  Managing these sources can be a daunting task.  Our job is to help you understand how all of these fit together and one day become the source of your financial freedom.

Education Savings

The success and happiness of your child are top priorities for a parent. Providing your child with a great education can positively impact the rest of their life. The best way to ensure that your child’s education is paid for is to fund it in advance. There are numerous ways to do this and the options can be confusing. We can help you decide on, and implement, the best funding method for you.

Financial Planning

There are many variables that go into setting successful retirement goals.  Our Financial Roadmap will evaluate your retirement plan(s), savings and investments, assets and liabilities, risk factors and help you define those goals. You will gain greater understanding of how you can achieve the savings you need to live the way you want during retirement.